Eat my bubbles!!!

Orxan Samedov

Professional Coach -Swimming Lessons and Dolphins

Orxan, is 26 years old Azeri national. He has been swimming since he was 4 yrs and more serious when he turned 10. He represented Azerbaijan at the World Championships in Barcelona in 2003 and Montreal in 2005. He started working as a swim coach at Aquasport in 2008. Orxan started working for the Baku Sharks in April 2012.  Orxan speaks Russian and Azerbaijani. After almost a year of teaching our Starfish, Turtles and Octopus, his English is improving fast.

Lucy Norton

Thursdays Dolphin Coach

Louise Scarr

Seals and Sturgeons Coach

Hello, I'm Louise Scarr I coach the Seal and Sturgeon squads.   I started squad training when I was 9 years old.  Since then, I reckon I must have swum over 3,000 kilometers, so I'm looking forward to passing on some of the techniques I've learnt along the way. I live at Stonepay with my husband David, and 2 daughters, Lillian and Edith.

Ruben Scholten

Seals and Sturgeons Coach

Hi my name is Ruben Scholten and instead of boring you with my numerous Olympic gold swimming medals, I wish! I will try to entertain you with some ‘famous’ swim quotes that may describe my fascination for water, the Baku Sharks and their great swimmers!

•East, Sleep, Swim!

•When global warming floods the earth, swimmers will rule the world.

•To swim fast, you need to swim fast!

•To swim or not to swim? There is no question!

•If swimming was easy it would be called rugby!

•Swim like a shark or sink like a rock!

Jodie Hay

Seals and Sturgeons Coach

Hi my name is Jodie, I started swimming competitively for my home town squad at the age of six and continued until my late teens. I continue to enjoy swimming leisurely for fitness and have been coaching with the Baku sharks since 2013. My aim is to encourage children to enjoy swimming and to have fun whilst learning the correct technique’s and keeping fit.

Jo Green

Thursday Dolphin Squad Coach

My name is Ms Jo Green. I am Australian and this is my 5th year at TISA. I was a coach of the Saigon Stingrays swimming squad International School Ho Chi Minh City for 6 years and we travelled to many overseas competitions. Before that I taught toddlers and children in learn to swim classes in my hometown in Australia.

Marieke Scholten

Monday Dolphin Squad Coach

The Baku Sharks are a huge part of my daily life in Baku. Since we started the club in April 2011, it has been such a satisfying and successful journey! The first 18 months I was mainly running and organizing the club. The fast growing club was a coach short in October 2012 and so I decided to pick up the coaching of the Dolphin Squad on Mondays! I truly enjoy training the Dolphins; it is such a rewarding task! The swimmers are still in an early development stage and thus there is a lot to tweak and improve in their stroke technique. Coach Jan and I often see improvements in the individual swimming skills after each hour of training!

Tony Maltby

Seals and Sturgeons Coach

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